Archive | September 13, 2014

American Revolution

During 17th to 19th century, there arose movements in different parts of Europe to overthrow the existing political systems. The first successful revolution which overthrew the autocratic monarchy took place in England in the 17th century. Simultaneously, there was also the rise and growth of national consciousness and movements to unite the different territories inhabited by the people of a nation if they were divided into different states, and to overthrow foreign imperial rule if the territories of a nation were part of a larger empire ruled by an alien emperor.

American Colonies

Colonization of America was made possible by the voyages and discoveries of the early explorers from Europe. In the 16th century, European countries began to colonize America. The geographical discovery of Americas led to the destruction of the civilizations of the Incas and the Aztecs. During the 16th century, the work of Colonization in America was left almost entirely to Spain. Their programme to colonize was concentrated into South America. As the Spanish empire grew, explorers forced the native population into slavery and to convert them to Christianity. Soon, other European nations started the colonization of North America. Read More…

India- Saudi Arabia Relations: Recent Scenario

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud visited India, imparting a fresh momentum to the Indo-Saudi relations. He is also the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz visited India in 2006, and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited Saudi Arabia in 2010. Manmohan’s visit resulted in the signing of the Riyadh Declaration, which proclaimed that a strategic partnership between the two countries had been established, covering different sectors like- Energy security, IT and outer space. Read More…