Indian Administrative Service (IAS)


This article does not discuss the history or evolution of the Indian Administrative Services (IAS). Rather, it gives you a general overview of the nature of the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and enlightens the candidates about why there is so much hype associated with being an IAS officer.

Being an IAS is a dream for many aspirants. No doubt that the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) give to the candidate, an opportunity to explore their caliber, while being in a seat of power and responsibility. An IAS is responsible for the administration of the field/department in which he/she is posted. The job profile includes a variety of responsibilities and tasks, which an IAS is expected to perform without any biased attitude.

The IAS officers hold key positions in the Union Government, State governments and Public-sector Undertakings. Today, IAS constitute the most sought-after career options among the civil services aspirants.

The officers carry high respect and stature in the society coupled with the significant task of administering public offices, making the IAS, on of the most desirable jobs in India.

The successor to the British Raj-instituted Indian Civil Service, the IAS is referred to as the “steel frame” of the administration.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment of the IAS officers is done on the recommendation of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The recruitment process follows a comprehensive examination, to test the various aspects of the mental ability and character of the individual.

The Civil Services Examination for getting into IAS is conducted by the UPSC. It has three stages (Preliminary Exam, Mains Exam, Personality Test/Interview) and is considered to be extremely challenging. Entry into the IAS is considered very difficult. Almost all of the applicants rank IAS as their top choice because of the high prestige and diversity of career it offers.

Given the status and charm associated with the post of IAS, no wonder that an overwhelming majority of the civil services aspirant choose IAS as their first preference.

However, there is a cut-throat competition for the IAS in the civil services examination. As a result, only the cream among the successful aspirants are able to qualify as IAS, while other successful aspirants are placed in other All India Services and Allied Services.

Thus, we recommend the aspirants to put every bit of their effort, in their preparations, so that you may come out with flying colors and achieve the dream of being an IAS.


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